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Except for the situation when the player decides to enter by placing a wire. In this case, he does not need to post the small blind. The player who has left the place must pick it up within five minutes..

Otherwise, the place will be offered to the other player. A player who does not appear will be placed at the end of the row.

If the active player speaks any other language during the deal, his hole cards can be turned face up to see all players. If the inactive player speaks a language other than English during distribution, disciplinary action may be taken. All players wishing to participate in cash games must be registered PokerStars Live players. If a player is allowed to return to the game after disciplinary action, they will not be compensated for any lost odds or blinds. In this case, the standard rules for lost blinds.

A player who intentionally damages or tears the cards immediately disconnects from the game. If a player believes he has been unfairly excluded from the game, he should contact the staff immediately to resolve the situation..

Cooling cards for poker

The player who wants to play instead of another player is first in line at the table. During distribution, players can only speak English.


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